The Bay Area Urban Areas Security Initiative

Information Sharing

Information Sharing involves the collection and dissemination of pertinent threats and criminal activity data across traditional organizational boundaries.

Public safety organizations at any level of government that are either unwilling or unable to share information, compromise the safety and security of the public. Agencies lacking trained field and analytical personnel, insufficient funding to purchase sophisticated technology, and underdeveloped standard operating procedures also contribute to the problem.

The Bay Area UASI has a number of projects designed to identify and mitigate the potential for future attacks, including: assigning local representatives to the region’s fusion center, investing in statewide common operating picture technology, and developing and adopting policies and procedures for stronger coordination between, local, state, and federal partners.

Working Group

For more information regarding this working group, please contact the project manager using the link above.



(NCRIC) – Northern California Regional Intelligence Center - The NCRIC is the Bay Area’s nationally renowned “All Crimes Fusion Center” operated by the local public safety agencies in the region. The NCRIC is managed by a local,...